The Morning Routine That Changed My Life

The Morning Routine That Changed My Life

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How you feel once you open your eyes and the way you go about your morning says a lot about how your day will turn out to be. This is why finding some morning routine ideas to improve your day is so important.

Whether you roll out of bed happy, sad, or gloomy, these emotions will create a pattern with every passing morning. Which, in turn, will contribute to how your life will be in general, now and in the nearest future.

Here’s a news flash, if you are one to hit the snooze button consistently, you are taking a lazy and reluctant way to life. Sorry, but you are telling your body, it’s better to sleep than going about your daily activities. 

Not to worry, I got some tricks to get you going!! It took me some time to find the right morning routine ideas for me that I knew I could stick with.

Your mornings play a significant impact on your life in so many ways you might not have realized – yet! 

For one, it can either serve as a boost to help you achieve your dreams or make you reluctant and relaxed at achieving what you really want in life.

Having The Mindset For Your New Morning Shift

May 28, 2019, marked one year of sticking to my new morning routine. For most people, that’s an accomplishment – for me, it’s just short of a miracle.

Why? I am someone who needs to see results quicker than should be expected, so I began lowering my expectations to see if maybe that would help. 

What?!  Instead, I decided to focus on the long term benefits that small daily habits would have on my spirituality, positive mindset, and health.

This realistic approach helped me stick to my goals and relieved me of undue pressure. After all, I had control of my routine, and I could control what wasn’t working for me.

After Reviewing Morning Routine Ideas - Preparation Is Key

  1. The night before, I place my alarm clock across the room. This forces me out of bed to turn off the alarm clock rather than hitting snooze and possibly rolling back over for another 15 minutes.
  2. After freshening up a bit, I change into my workout clothes which I’ve left on my dresser the night before.  I grab my Tumbler and drink my lemon water while racing down to the kitchen to greet my husband already drinking his coffee.

Here’s a little confession…I’m a little spoiled. My husband has prepared my coffee all of our marriage. It’s kind of a science project for him, and apparently, science was not my favorite subject because I make lousy coffee.  Supposedly!

morning routine

Time To Reflect

  • Before anything further, I grab my coffee. It makes me happy and really helps to tell my body that the day is beginning.
  • Next, I write down the first happy thought that comes to mind in my Journal. It doesn’t have to be significant, just positive. I find that it helps create a perfect headspace to be in for the rest of my day.
  • Over the next 20 minutes, I dive into my Bible reading and write down my favorite scripture for that morning. Another thing that really helps to build a happy frame of mind.
  • By now my puppy, Jojo, who has been patiently waiting his turn, starts his stare down. He has come to appreciate my routine as well since we next enjoy a 30 minute morning light jog together.
morning routine
morning jog

As we return home, Jojo races to his bed and by the time I’m out of the shower he’s snoring. Like Jojo, I have seen the positive ripples of my morning routine transform my whole day and outlook of life in general. Overall I am happier, have more energy, and am even a little lighter (-:

Ideas To Help You Create Your Morning Routine

Goal How To Be Successful
Waking up early
Gradually wake up 15 minutes earlier every week, until you reach the desired wake-up time.
Place your alarm clock on the other side of the room.
Positive mindset
Write down the first happy thought that comes to mind.
Practice mindfulness and meditation.
Drink water
Place a glass of water next to your bedside.
Layout your gym clothes or sleep in your workout gear.
Get organized
Set goals for the day and write down your to-do list.

In Conclusion

Implementing some of these morning routine ideas will help set the tone for each day.  You will have better control of your schedule and happiness. As you start your mornings, you will feel energized and ready to focus on what the day brings.

In time you will benefit from prioritizing your time and goals as your productivity increases. For home styling tips and tricks drop by anytime. Hey, we’re always up for company.

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