Learn Trade Secrets For a Boho Decor

Learn Trade Secrets For a Boho Decor

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Boho vibe traveling

To me, the boho decor style represents beautiful art and a born wanderlust – how could you not fall in love with this decor style?  

The boho styles is one of my favorites since it’s SO universal and can be adapted to include the owner’s personality.  It’s also easy to create amazing feminine spaces. So girls, let’s see how we can create the atmosphere of a well-traveled person, and embrace that free-spirit that inspires the boho vibe!

 The Basics

The word Bohemian is defined as an unconventional person, especially one who is artistic. So you could expect a very artistic, creative, and eclectic style. Since the boho style is rich in patterns and prints, your best bet is to use your accents to layer this look into your décor.

Keeping your base color palettes such as your walls or large furniture pieces neutral will allow you to achieve this look with less complexity.

Lastly, this can be a tricky style to accomplish as people often add in one too many large scale patterns which can become distracting to the eye. In other words, you need to know where to add your vibrant designs and prints, and when to STOP!

boho tribal decor poof

To illustrate, when you are cold, you will naturally add a layer or two to be comfortable. A sweater may be all that is needed; however, what if you were to continue to add a coat, gloves, and a scarf? Overlaying your clothing will cause you to become uncomfortably hot.

If you add in too many patterns and prints, you will create chaos. It needs to be just right for the space to feel well designed.

My advice here would be when adding a vibrant print such as the Boho Geometric Pouf seen in the photo give yourself time to adjust to the new piece before adding to the room.

You Could Never Have Too Much Balance When Designing a Space

Since the Boho decor style is very eclectic, you should feel free to experiment with color.  The key to making it look cohesive is to keep your accent color all in the same tone. For example, a range of yellows, or a rainbow of blues.

boho decor style
boho decor styles

If you must experiment with wall color, dedicate a small room such as a bathroom or limit the number of patterns used in the design.  

Why Plants Are Your Best Friend

Boho plants with basket

Since the Boho lifestyle is all about the love of feeling free, it embraces nature as it grows without boundaries.

Living plants will add texture and life to your home.  For those of you who may not want to care for plants, you may find my post on Best artificial plants to use in decor helpful.

boho plant for decor
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A great DIY trick is to purchase large wicker baskets and add tassels as shown in the picture. You can even add tassels to the corners of your pillows to tie the design together.

Lighting Is Everything

The boho decor style is known for its romantic ambient lighting.  Most designers transform spaces by incorporating fairy lights, pendant lighting, and adding a few lanterns.  I’ve picked out some examples for your reference.

boho teal lighting

Create Your Own Art

Find at least one wall in your home to incorporate a few pieces of art and photos from your travels.

A few inexpensive ways would be to purchase vibrant fabric to create your own tapestry or even framing a few pieces of fabric. You can use the remaining materials to make your own pillows.

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boho rich fabrics

Next, add in some photos of your travels. I’ve written a detailed post of how to find your best travel photos and how best to displayed them on How To Create a Family Gallery Wall and Vacation Ideas For Every Traveler.

In Conclusion

Hopefully, you are now feeling inspired and have some direction when shopping for your future home decor ideas. The boho decor style is one that is soothing, chic, and free-spirited. For more home styling tips and tricks drop by anytime. Hey, we’re always up for company.

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