How To Decorate For Fall On a Budget?

How To Decorate For Fall On a Budget?

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Since relocating to Florida, decorating for autumn has become more of a priority for me.  I must admit playing mind games has never been my thing, but what’s a girl to do when the summer weather is a year-round issue?

In a few months, I may have the occasional need to toss on a sweater, but till then, trickery will be my master. Here are a few ways to create an indoor oasis to make your home look and feel super cozy.

Decorate For Fall To Create The Illusion of Brisk Weather

Last I checked there was no law stating that over-the-top centerpieces needed to be reserved only for special occasions. I enjoy choosing pieces that can grace my table year-round. To add a little seasonal charm, just add-in colors that represent the season. 

basket for decorating for fall
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Decorate for fall bowl
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For autumn toss in some items with burnt oranges and yellows.  Don’t overthink it as just a few branches from your yard or fresh fruit can do wonders.

Since we’re already sprucing up the dining area, if you’re dining room chairs require some TLC here’s a simple update with a significant wow factor. Remove the padded seats and use a staple gun to recover them with a seasonal friendly fabric.

Warm-Up Those Nooks and Crannies

get cozy for fall with blankets
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decorate with pillows
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As the chilly weather rolls in, we automatically look for anything we could wrap ourselves in a cocoon-like way.  Try to have a few throw blankets within arms reach, which will instantly add warmth to you and your spaces.

blankets for fall
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Next, add some textures by choosing different textiles for coordinating pillows. Use this opportunity to show off those vibrant colors and autumn weather fabrics. 

Bring Nature’s Autumn Outside In

Autumn leaves for decor

There is nothing more beautiful than nature. Collect autumn leaves and turn them into beautiful pieces of art. Or simply photograph a beautiful autumn landscape.

Knowing autumn is my favorite season, my friend gifted me some of his photography of the park my friends and I would often escape to while displaying its full autumn colors.  

It’s incredible how photographs have a way of transporting you right back into time, and moments shared.

Evoking All Our Senses While Decorating for Autumn

fall candles for decor
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So far, we have included our sense of sight and touch. Now let’s cover our sense of smell. Similar to a photograph, our sense of smell can bring to mind memories and emotions. For me, the easiest way to accomplish this is by lighting up a scented candle. A few of my favorites for fall are apple cinnamon, amber and moss and anything woodsy.

Now let’s move on to our sense of taste.
Pumpkin bread for fall

The weather has such an impact on our lives that even our cooking styles tend to change with the seasons. We go from grilling to using our stovetops, slow cookers, and finally ovens.

For us, it’s all about homemade pumpkin bread, scones, and a few other family recipes. You can display some of these goodies on your kitchen counters. Or, if you lack self-control like me, take them out only while hosting your friends.

Create a Welcoming Autumn Entrance

Autumn has always been known for all things plaid. So why not sport the look immediately at your front door? This year I love the layered doormat look to welcome guest. Just make sure your bottom layer is larger than the top doormat.

decor for fall

Two of our last properties had fireplaces, which I sorely miss. As the temperature dropped the homes on our street would start piling up their firewood. Depending on your space, use a large basket or storage device to hold some wood to add some extra charm.

In Conclusion

As colder weather rolls in, so does our need to cozy up while we decorate for fall! Try incorporating a few these budget-friendly ideas to warm up your house while embracing the best the season has to offer. After all, decorating for autumn doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Let me know if you try the recipe – it’s a keeper! 

 For more home styling tips and tricks drop by anytime. Hey, we’re always up for company.

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