Couple reviewing how to drastically cut their expenses

How To Drastically Cut Household Expenses

The changes may seem overwhelming, but you will find that having a written plan will help give you the roadmap needed to become successful. You can have a healthy respect for money.
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Photography becomes art cityscape

What Makes Photography Art? Join The Debate

To answer the ongoing debate on what makes photography art, we must first define the noun, Art. It is an expression of creative skill and imagination.
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Decorateing on a dime and home styling.1)

Decorating On A Dime | Home Styling

Decorating on a dime; are you kidding me? Not at all. You see, one of the biggest secrets to creating a beautiful home decor isn’t spending tons of money. It’s the ability to imagine the possibilities with items that you already possess or are within your current budget. In other words, your creativity.
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Display a map in your living room

Ways To Decorate A Large Living Room Wall

Are you feeling stuck when trying to figure out how to decorate those large walls in your living room? Trust me; you are not alone as this is probably one of those areas most people struggle with; especially if they are trying to stick to a tight budget.
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Decorating a house with a low budget

How To Decorate A House On A Low Budget

Using interior design tips and tricks for a cohesive decor will take your home to another level.
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Buying first home moving in

What To Do Next After Buying Your First Home

Congratulations on buying your first home! Even if your moving boxes are currently playing double duty as your dining room table, be proud knowing it’s yours.
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